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Advance Auto Parts works hard to create an environment of honesty, integrity, mutual trust and dedication. Since our founding by Arthur Taubman in 1932, the values haven’t changed.

Inspire and build the self-confidence and success of every Team Member.
Serve our customers better than anyone else – help them succeed.
Grow the business and profitability with integrity.

Advance Auto Parts, Inc. also believes in promoting responsible and sustainable practices across its organization, including those companies with which it does business. In addition to expecting its suppliers to conform to its Supplier Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy, Advance maintains programs designed to identify, evaluate and address potential human rights and environmental issues with its international suppliers (“suppliers”). Advance prohibits the use of any child or forced labor among its suppliers. Prior to engaging a new international supplier, Advance conducts a screening process to evaluate the supplier’s environmental practices, labor practices and record on human rights matters. To identify, evaluate and address potential risks and environmental or human rights issues, including with respect to child labor, forced labor, human trafficking and safe working conditions, on an ongoing basis, Advance conducts regular supplier audits at a frequency that ranges from two months to biennially.

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Information on the Vendor Reference Center may be updated from time to time. As a Vendor with Advance Auto Parts, you will need to visit this site often and adjust your practices accordingly.

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